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Dive Into Discussion

Aug 23, 2019

Kate and I discuss her affinity for the OCR world. She was born with a hearing impairment, told she doesn't have the body type for running, and told she was too small for weightlifting. She blocked out the detractors and is now competing in Spartan Races!

Aug 20, 2019

In today's episode, Mike and I discuss his upcoming web series 'We Fight, We Love,' that will be available 8/21 on YouTube. We get into his inspiration for the show, his approach to the message he wanted to get across, various character situations and more!

We Fight, We Love:

Aug 14, 2019

In today's episode, Clio and I discuss her writing and how it helps her hydrocephalus symptoms, the impact of social media has on relationships, the current dating scene and more!

Aug 7, 2019

In today's episode, Connor and I dive into his upcoming world record attempt of most strict pull-ups completed in a 24 hour period! His motivation for this challenge is his adopted daughter and Lifesong.

Lifesong helped with some expensive lawyer fees after a horrible experience going through the adoption process. He...

Aug 3, 2019

Steven Whitney teaches people how to use their breath to tap into their true potential, relax the mind, release limiting beliefs, and how to optimize physical and mental health so you can start living your best life!