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Dive Into Discussion

Feb 27, 2018

In today's episode, William drops some cultural and historical knowledge about Puerto Rico. We also talk psychology and tribalism in today's society. Enjoy!

Feb 23, 2018

In today's episode, Lynn explains how she has strategically quit her way to a more fulfilling life. Check out her website at and see how successful quitting can happen!

Feb 21, 2018

In today's episode, Demond and I discuss his writing, growing up in New Orleans, social media, travel, everyday life, flat earthers and more! Check out his website at

Feb 16, 2018

In today's episode, Danielle shares her history of sexual abuse in order to jumpstart the conversation around a taboo subject. Keep the conversation going and check out her website at

Feb 13, 2018

In today's episode, Ron and I discuss his brand "Fearless Strategies" and how poetry is enhancing his public speaking. We also get into social media, mindset, some awesome analogies and much more!